Book Match 2012 for Grades 6 - 7

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Alvarez Before We Were Free.  (Nook edition)
Barry Science Fair: A Story of Mystery, Danger, International Suspense and a Very Nervous Frog.  (Nook edition)
Baskin Anything but Typical.  (Nook edition)
Bauer Hope Was Here.
Bingham Shark Girl.
Bradbury Fahrenheit 451.
Brewer The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites.  (Nook edition)
Bryant Kaleidoscope Eyes.  (Nook edition)
Burg All the Broken Pieces: A Novel in Verse.
Chapman Is it Night or Day?  (Nook edition)
Chima Warrior Heir.  (Nook edition)
Cochrane The Girl Who Threw Butterflies.  (Nook edition)
Cooney Goddess of Yesterday: A Tale of Troy.  (Nook edition)
Deuker High Heat.  (Nook edition)
Dionne The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet.  (Nook edition)
Ellsworth In a Heartbeat.  (Nook edition)
Fleischman Whirligig.
Gibbs Belly Up.  (Nook edition)
Hartinger Project Sweet Life.  (Nook edition)
Hobbs Downriver.
Houston Bulu: African Wonder Dog.  (Nook edition)
Howe The Misfits.
Konisgburg Silent to the Bone.
Korman Pop.
Landon The Limit.  (Nook edition)
London The Call of the Wild.  (Nook edition)
McKinley The Blue Sword.  (Nook edition)
Mickaelson Touching Spirit Bear.  (Nook edition)
Nicholls Ways to Live Forever.
Nix Sabriel.  (Nook edition)
Paolini Eragon.  (Nook edition)
Paulsen How Angel Peterson Got His Name.  (Nook edition)
Peck A Year Down Yonder.  (Nook edition)
Perkins As Easy as Falling off the Face of the Earth.  (Nook edition)
Philbrick The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg.
Pratchett Nation.  (Nook edition)
Resau Red Glass.  (Nook edition)
Ritter Over the Wall.
Runholt The Mystery of the Third Lucretia:  A Kari & Lucas Mystery.  (Nook edition)
Ryan The Dreamer.
Salisbury Under the Blood-Red Sun.  (Nook edition)
Smith, Alexander    Lockdown  (Nook edition)
Smith, Sheri Flygirl.  (Nook edition)
Spinelli Stargirl.  (Nook edition)
Stanley Saving Sky.  (Nook edition)
Thomson Three Cups of Tea.  (Nook edition)
Wedekind A Horse of Her Own.
Westerfeld Uglies.  (Nook edition)
Williams-Garcia  One Crazy Summer.  (Nook edition)
Zahn Dragon and Thief:  A Dragonback Adventure.