Engrossing Reading for Elm Place 7th Graders

Adler, Emily Sweet 15.
Baratz-Logsted, Lauren Crazy Beautiful.
Cadnum, Michael Flash.
Card, Orson Scott Ender’s Game.
  A War of Gifts.
  Ender in Exile.
  Ender’s Shadow.
  Shadow of the Hegemon.
  Shadow Puppets.
  Shadow of the Giant.
  Speaker for the Dead.
  Children of the Mind.
Cooney, Caroline Hit the Road.
Ellsworth, Loretta In a Heartbeat.
Friend, Natasha For Keeps.
Hobbs, Will Take Me to the River.
Jones, V. M. Out of Reach.
Klass, David Danger Zone.
Korman, Gordon Son of the Mob.
  Hollywood Hustle.
Koss, Amy The Girls.
Lore, Pittacus I Am Number Four.
McNab, Andy Traitor.
Myers, Walter Dean Fallen Angels.
Northrop, Michael Trapped.
Smith, Alexander Gordon Lockdown: Escape from Furnace.
  Lockdown: Solitary.
Van Draanen, Wendelin The Running Dream.
Ward, Rachel Numbers.
  Numbers 2: The Chaos.
Zalben, Jane Breskin Four Seasons: a Novel in Four Movements.