New Books for 3rd Graders

Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! Wherein is Contained an Accounting of the Preparation, Suspension, and Eventual Reawakening of the Subject in Modern Day, and His Quest to Discover the Great Emergency by Matthew McElligott

Reading Level:  Grades 3 - 6

You've heard of Benjamin Franklin. You know, the guy from like, the 1700s, you know, famous for being in the thunderstorm with the kite and the key, discovering electricity? Yeah, him. That guy. He's been dead for what, like three hundred years? Think again.


Victor Godwin is smarter than most people he knows. Definitely smarter than the weatherman, who's predicted sunny days when Victor knows mathematically that there's a 92% chance of rain. A million times smarter than his best friend Scott Weaver, who made a super-charged potato battery by putting batteries inside of a raw potato and painting it exciting colors. (In case you are wondering, the potato explodes in the middle of class.) Then a thunderstorm that seems only to affect Victor's house changes everything. Soon a strange man who looks and dresses like Benjamin Franklin moves into Victor's house as a tenant. He says he's an actor, but he paid his entire first year's rent in heavy gold coins, marked 1783. What kind of actor never takes off his costume, and pays for things in eighteenth-century doubloons? Frank Benjamin, downstairs tenant at the Godwin's house, that's who. Then Victor discovers what's really going on...

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The Memory Bank by Carolyn Coman

Reading Level: Grades 3-5

"Forget Her!"

When little Honey Scroggins laughs after her parents tell her not to, they dump her by the side of the road and drive away. Despite all Hopes pleadings, her parents never go back for Honey. As she grows sadder and sadder, Hope spends all her time sleeping, dreaming of her lost little sister. When Hope's constant dreaming causes an imbalance due to insufficient memory deposits, she is summoned to the Memory Bank where she becomes embroiled in a war between those who want to remember and those who want to forget.

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Ruth and the Green Book by Calvin Alexander Ramsey

Reading Level: Grades K - 4

Ruth and her parents take a road trip during the Jim Crow era and encounter discrimination at every turn, until they are given a copy of The Negro Motorist Green Book which lists the safe places for African-Americans to eat, visit and stay.

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