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      The Reference Librarians at Highland Park Public Library are happy to help you with any research project. We can:
      • Show you how to use electronic resources
      • Assist you in obtaining materials from other libraries
      • Guide you through the overwhelming sources of information on the Internet
      • Help you identify books and journals appropriate to your subject

      From the Reference Desk

      The new self check kiosks

      The library moved to this new system in hopes of accomplishing a few things. The RFID technology has allowed the library to better track its inventory of DVDs, books, audiobooks, etc. With this feature, the kiosks can check out more than one item at a time, which helps with repetitive motion issues for the staff and can speed up the process.

      The new kiosks also accept payments for lost, damaged or overdue items using a credit card.  This is faster and an improvement over taking just checks or cash at the desk. 
      While we know that not everyone will enjoy using the new kiosks, we hope that those who do enjoy the speed and ease will take advantage of them.  We will always have some one in the lobby ready to help with the check-out process, help locate new titles, talk about events and opportunities or just talk about books and movies.  We believe that staff expertise is the best part of going to the library--by allowing time for staff to listen completely to what people are saying and to connect them to the right person or idea, we are able to provide better service. 
      With RFID, the check-in process will be improved as well.  This will free up more time for staff to bring the library out into the community and share more of what we offer. 
      If you're in the library, and you would prefer assistance--just ask.  We enjoy the new technology. And by going through the steps ourselves, it gives us an opportunity to improve the process.  We do want you to think that visiting the library was a good idea.  Thank you for your feedback. 
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