Bob Coscarelli introduces the film Easy Rider and leads a discussion after the showing.

Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper) are 'hippie' bikers who sell some dope in Southern California, stash their money away in their gas-tank and set off for a trip across America. On the journey they encounter bigotry and hatred from small-town communities who despise and fear their non-conformism. But, Wyatt and Billy also discover people attempting 'alternative lifestyles' who are resisting narrow-mindedness. When they arrive in a small town, the local sheriff arrests them on some minor pretext and throws them in jail. There they meet George Hanson (Jack Nicholson), a liberal alcoholic lawyer. He gets them out and decides to join them on their trip to New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras. 

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Presented with Highland Park Senior Center.

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Location: Auditorium.

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