Attendees will take part in lively discussions on Spanish literature, focusing on the works of notable authors. Conversations will be mostly in Spanish, but non-native speakers are welcome.  Meets in the Media:Scape Room.  This is a drop-in event and no signup is necessary, but if you would like a reminder, please sign up with your email address.

Book schedule for 2019 (subject to change; current book is in bold):

La templanza by María Dueñas (January 4, 2019-March 29, 2019)--complete!

La muerte de Artermio Cruz by Carlos Fuentes (May 17-May 24)--complete!

Discussion of the works of Carlos Fuentes, especially Aura and La muerte de Artemio Cruz (May 31)

El aleph and La biblioteca de Babel (short stories) by Jorge Luis Borges (June 7)

Señales qu precederán el fin del mundo by Yuri Herrara (June 14-28)

Págales tu a los psicoanalistas by Frank Baez

Drop-in Event

Location: MediaScape Room

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