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The Highland Park Public Library remains a vibrant destination for learning and exploration with your help. There are many ways you can support our mission including joining the Friends of the Library, making a donation, volunteering your time, or sponsoring a Library program or activity. Please consider adding your support today. Click any link on the left to learn more. Thank you.


The Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Highland Park Public Library is dedicated to supporting the Library in its educational, social, and cultural role in our community. For more than 125 years, our Library has remained one of our greatest resources.

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Funds that are raised by the Friends are used to purchase much needed equipment and materials and to offer important special events that are not able to be funded through the regular budget. Over the years, the Friends have provided items as simple as specialized library furniture and as critical as technology upgrades to ensure the delivery of vital services to everyone in our community at no charge. The Friends has funded educational programs, summer reading programs, children’s special events, and many community-wide cultural events. Currently, the Friends achieve these goals through the following strategies:

(1) Membership fees of $15 per person per year which demonstrates an individual’s support for this valuable institution;

(2) Regular sales in the Book Nook in the Lower Level Lobby on Thursdays and Saturdays and sales of books displayed at all times in the corridor outside the Adult Services Room of donated books from the community and books retired from the library’s collection;

(3) Once or twice a year Big Sales(depending on the number of books donated) held in April-May and November in the Library auditorium on the lower level ;

(4) Annual direct mail appeal mailed to all households in 60035 in late fall;

You can help now by becoming a member of Friends of the Highland Park Public Library by sending a donation (minimum of $15) to Friends of HPPL, 494 Laurel Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035.

Download the Friends' fundraising mailer

Fill out and mail in the form to join the Friends!

You can help even more by responding generously to the annual mail appeal with a gift that directly benefits your community.

Let’s not forget our Book Sales – donate your gently used books, cds, and DVDs. Please keep in mind that we wish to sell these items, this is not a disposal system for dirty, moldy books that should be tossed.

Friends' Board of Directors


Suzanne Zweig – Co-President
Carol Porwancher – Co-President
Pete Koukos – Treasurer
Debbie Brown – Secretary
Leah Benjamin – Corresponding Secretary
Jane Conway – Executive Director Highland Park Public Library

2019-2020 Friends' of the Library Board

Les Axelrod
Richard Basofin
Sandy Becker
Sharon Belloff
Joan Chase
Brittany Freeman
Tammy Freeman
Peg Koukos
Judy Michaelson
Dana Muller

Book Nook Volunteers

Judith Baron
Sandy Becker
Sharon Belloff
Leah Benjamin
Rosanne Cohen
Joan David
Else-Britt DeLong
Brittany Freeman
Guy Golan
Sue Hoseman 
Pearl Korey
Peg Koukos
Bessie Levin
Ruth Levinson
Sue McMann
Barbara Mehlman
Susan O’Neil
Selena Pestine
Carol Porwancher
Dianne Schlair
Teddi Scholz
Claire Shapiro
Mary Sgaraglino
Betty Stuart
Rita Troege
Toni Warshal


The Highland Park Public Library is seeking volunteers to work with our friendly staff on a variety of tasks.

For more information, please contact the coordinator:
847-432-0216 x 100

Access the Volunteer Portal to fill out a volunteer application

Volunteer Hours are flexible. If you are detail-oriented, well organized and enjoy customer service, this is the volunteer opportunity for you!

Membership Services: Notify patrons by phone of reserved materials ready for pick up, shelve materials, and various office tasks.

Film & Music Services: Shelve materials, shelf-read, photocopy handouts, clean and repair discs

Technical Services: Apply labels, stamps and book covers, mend and clean all types of materials, record processing and withdrawal statistics. Open boxes, check in items against purchase order lists, organize paperwork for payment approval, and prepare received items for cataloging.

Youth Services: Maintain literacy areas including cleaning and restocking materials; photocopy literacy area materials, listen to book reports during Summer Reading program (June - July).  Junior Page Program (June - August)

New Media Services: Offer basic technical assistance to patrons who attend programs, as well as backup assistance to the New Media staff running the program.

Friends of the Library: Assist by sorting through donations, setting up regular book sales in the Book Nook, as well as the once or twice a year Big Sales in the auditorium and operating those sales.

Make a Donation

Gifts & Donations

A gift to the Highland Park Public Library is one that will be enjoyed by the community for years to come.

Books and audio-visual items purchased with your contribution can be commemorated with a special bookplate, acknowledging your generosity. The Library will also send the honoree(s) a formal announcement of your donation .Please complete a Book Donations form to enclose with your gift.

Get more information about: Charitable Giving.
Gifts to the Highland Park Public Library are tax-deductible.

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 Highland Park Public Library Gift Policy

The Highland Park Public Library Board of Trustees (the Board) actively encourages gifts and contributions which will help the Library better serve the needs of the community. All donations and gifts to the Library are subject to applicable Illinois statutes as well as the Library’s existing policies and guidelines, including those relating to the selection of and provision of access to books and other resources. The Library, through the Board or the Board’s delegated authority, makes the final decision on the acceptance, use or other disposition of gifts and also reserves the right to decide any conditions of display, housing or access. The Library is granted unconditional ownership of each gift.

Acceptance of Gifts

Gifts of Books and Other Library Resources

The Executive Director is authorized to act for the Board in accepting or declining offers of gifts in the form of books, recordings and other library materials or resources. The Executive Director, in accordance with existing Library policies and guidelines, may exercise discretion concerning which materials shall be retained for the Library’s own collection.

Monetary Gifts

Monetary gifts given for use at the Library’s discretion (“unrestricted gifts”) may be accepted by the Executive Director.

Monetary gifts given for the purchase of Library materials as an honorarium or memorial may be accepted by the Executive Director. The Executive Director or a designated staff member will work with donors in selection and processing of such purchases.

Monetary gifts given for the sponsorship of Library programs may be accepted by the Board according to the Library’s Naming Rights and Sponsorship Policy.

Monetary gifts given in exchange for naming rights may be accepted by the Board according to the Library’s Naming Rights and Sponsorship Policy.

Monetary gifts received from a will or bequest may be accepted by the Board and used as directed by the donor, subject to Library policies.  If received without restrictions, the funds may be used as approved by the Board. The Board will consider whether separate bank accounts and budget lines will be created to monitor the funds.

Donate online using your credit card.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts of furniture, paintings, statuary and other articles may be accepted by the Board with advice and counsel from the Executive Director. Any conditions attached to the proposed gift, including—but not necessarily limited to—the type of recognition provided and the location, disposition, handling or display of the article, will be considered by the Board. Any such conditions which the Board regards to be inappropriate or impractical may provide a basis for further negotiation with the donor or for rejection of the gift.

Gifts of Securities

Marketable securities received by the Library as gifts may be accepted by the Board. Such securities will be sold or held at the discretion of the Board, and the net proceeds used as directed by the donor, subject to library policies, or if received without restrictions, may be used as approved by the Board. Gifts offered to the Library consisting of securities which are not readily marketable will be submitted to the Board for a decision as to acceptability.

Valuation of Non-Monetary Gifts
While the deemed value of non-monetary gifts may be a factor for consideration, neither the Library staff nor the Board will issue a written or verbal statement of monetary value to the donor. The Executive Director, or a designated staff member, may provide, on request, a letter of acknowledgment to a donor describing the gift and its apparent condition.

Use and Recognition of Gifts

Use of Gifts

All gifts are accepted with the understanding that it may someday be necessary that they be altered, sold, or disposed of in the best interest of the Library. The Library cannot commit itself to perpetually housing a donation. Restricted gifts can be accepted only with the specific approval of the Board. Donations will be accepted only if, in the opinion of the Executive Director and the Board, they are in the best interest of the Library.

Recognition of Gifts

Commemorative book(s) receive a bookplate listing the donor and the honoree and an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the person(s) or family of the person being honored.

All monetary gifts are recognized with an acknowledgement letter. 

Monetary gifts (other than those associated with naming rights and sponsorships) of $2,500 or more will be recognized on the Library’s Donor Recognition Wall.  Three categories of giving are acknowledged on the wall:

Donor:            $2,500 - $4,999

Sponsor:          $5,000 - $9,999

Benefactor:      $10,000 or more

Adopted October 12, 2010

Naming Rights and Sponsorships

Highland Park Public Library Naming Rights and Sponsorship Policy

Naming Rights

The Highland Park Public Library Board of Trustees (the Board) offers naming rights for new and existing physical assets.  Naming of physical assets follows a Board pre-approved menu of items available for naming.  This menu covers rooms, spaces, substantial equipment/furniture installations, and landscaping features.  Items under $10,000 carry naming rights for 10 years.  Items from $10,000 to $100,000 carry naming rights for 20 years.  Naming rights for any item over $100,000 will be determined through a consultation with the Board.  The donor has the right of first refusal at the time of renewal.

In assigning naming rights values to individual assets, the Board will take into consideration the expected remaining useful life of the asset, the capital cost and ongoing maintenance cost, and the public prominence and traffic level. 

A plaque will be installed at or near the named area.  The Board reserves the right to choose the wording, size, location, and style of the plaque.  An appropriate dedication ceremony may be planned and conducted.

The Board may approve naming recognition items and values other than those specified in the most recently approved naming menu, on a case-by-case basis.

Program Sponsorship

The Board welcomes sponsorship of programs from individuals and groups including but not limited to businesses and service organizations.  Sponsors must be approved by the Board or the Executive Director.

Program Sponsorship Opportunities

$500..........Individual programs

$1,000.......Stories Under The Stars

$1,000.......Book Match

$1,500.......Film discussion series (fall, spring)

$1,500.......Book discussion series (fall, spring)

$1,500.......Storytime series (fall, winter, spring)

$5,000.......Summer Reading Program

A statement of the sponsor’s name and a display of its logo will appear on the Library’s promotional materials for the sponsored program and a verbal announcement will be made at the beginning of the program. 

Donate Your Used Items

Books, CDs and DVDs

The Highland Park Public Library is happy to accept the donation of used books, CDs and DVDs for the Friends of the Library to sell.  Funds that are raided by the Friends are used to purchase equipment and materials that are not able to be funded through the regular Library budget.  Please be sure that donated items are in salable condition with no water damage or mildew.  Books should be in their bindings, have all their pages, and be without reader's annotations.  CDs and DVDs should be in playable condition without obvious scratches, cracks or other flaws.  

You may deposit donations 24/7 in the large, orange, outside donation bin to the left of the lower entrance.  If you have a large number of items to donate please call us ahead of time to arrange for staff assistance.

Audio Visual Equipment

Media Services is always willing to consider donations of outdated, but working, audio visual equipment for the Digital Media Lab.  AV equipment must be working at the time of donation.  Items the department currently has on its wishlist are:

  • VHS players
  • Betamax players
  • PAL and NTSC (European format) video players
  • Audio cassette players with RCA connections
  • Handheld camcorders of any kind
  • 8 Track tape players
  • Electric slide viewer/sorter
  • Portable movie screen

Prior to donating AV equipment please contact Media Services at 847-681-7032.


The Library offers a free puzzle exchange by the Teen Area in Adult Services.  Leave a puzzle/take a puzzle (or take a puzzle and bring it back when you are fiinished).  Please make sure that the puzzles you leave have all their pieces, are clean, free of water damage or mildew, and are in their original boxes.  Please tape the box shut with small, easily slit, pieces tape on at least two sides to avoid spills.