This seminar goes beyond just the basics and takes a deeper dive into retirement planning, awareness, analytics and strategies. You will receive exposure to advanced planning techniques, such as Monte Carlo Analyses, Sequence of Return analyzation, long term health care strategies, and stress testing potential financial situations or events that can affect the health of your retirement. We will also tackle the hard questions: How do you ensure your money will last for your retirement? Will you even have enough to retire when you want? What happens if one of you gets very sick and the cost of healthcare increases substantially? How do you leave money to loved ones without relinquishing control or putting your legacy in jeopardy? Which buckets should you pull money from, and when?

Presenter: Eric Rosenbloom, Vice President, Wealth Management

The goal of the Dollars & Sense series is to provide community members with the information to help manage their personal finance issues with common sense.

Location: Auditorium

Registration preferred.

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