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Test / Exam Proctoring Services

Test / Exam Proctoring services will not be AVAILABLE During Phase 1 of our 2020 Remodel. Residents are encouraged to visit one of our neighboring Libraries for Test / Exam Proctoring. Please visit the following link For more information on our 2020 remodel: 2020 REMODEL

Proctoring services are available to all students, without residency restriction. A photo ID is required to verify identity. There is no fee for Highland Park residents. A $25.00 per exam fee is required for non-residents.

1. Students must provide mailing envelopes. The library will pay first class postage and mail the test on the next business day following the day that the test was administered. The Library does not provide for certified or registered mail, express mail, or other special handling requirements. The Library is not responsible for exams that may be lost during mail delivery. The library will pay charges for exams returned to the testing institution via facsimile within the U.S.

2. Tests will be administered by appointment made with the proctoring staff member, except no exams will be administered during the first ½ hour and last 1 hour during library hours. Reference staff may cancel the appointment due to unplanned staffing limits. A student's failure to keep the appointment or late arrival may also risk cancellation if the appointment cannot be rescheduled within the testing period. Students are responsible for contacting the library to schedule an appointment and for completing the exam within the time allowed by scheduling and library hours.

3. No more than two students will be proctored simultaneously. Exams must be taken in the Adult Services Room at the tables in front of the reference desk, in the Study Rooms, or at a computer in the Lab (staff should log off one of the computers prior to appointment to guarantee availability). The library does not guarantee a quiet environment.

4. Unsolicited tests (tests mailed directly to the library as a testing site, but with no advance contact by the student) will be held for up to two weeks in the reference dept. It is not the responsibility of the library to identify or contact the student. If the student fails to schedule an appointment within two weeks, the test will be mailed back to the testing institution.

5. If exam conditions established by the testing institution require quiet, close observation, or other conditions that the Library is unable to meet, the testing institution will be notified. The Library will complete letters or proctoring forms required by the testing institution; however, individual reference librarians will not provide personal or confidential information in order to qualify as proctors.

6. Grading of tests or associated administrative record keeping will not be performed as part of the proctoring service.

For more information, contact the Information and Reader Services desk at 847-681-7031