Attendees will take part in lively discussions on Spanish literature, focusing on the works of notable authors. Conversations will be mostly in Spanish, but non-native speakers are welcome.  Meets in the Media:Scape Room.  This is a drop-in event and no signup is necessary, but if you would like a reminder, please sign up with your email address.

Book schedule for 2019 (subject to change; current book is in bold):

La templanza by María Dueñas (January 4, 2019-March 29, 2019)--complete!

La muerte de Artermio Cruz by Carlos Fuentes (May 17-May 24)--complete!

Discussion of the works of Carlos Fuentes, especially Aura and La muerte de Artemio Cruz (May 31)--complete!

El aleph and La biblioteca de Babel (short stories) by Jorge Luis Borges (June 7)--complete!

Señales qu precederán el fin del mundo by Yuri Herrara (June 14-28)--complete!

Págales tu a los psicoanalistas by Frank Baez (July 12-26)--complete!

De amor y de sombra by Isabelle Allende (August 2-September 13)

Movie: Of Love and Shadows (September 20)

Santa Evita by Tomás Eloy Martinez (September 27- )


Drop-in Event

Location: MediaScape Room

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