Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The inspirational rescue of the Wild Boar soccer team in Thailand is successfully complete, and people around the world breathe a sigh of relief.  If you're interested in other dramatic rescues that drew worldwide attention, here are some library resources:

Deep Down Dark: the untold stories of 33 men buried in a Chilean mine, and the miracle that set them free by Hector Tobar. In 2010, 33 men were trapped underground for 69 days when the mine they were working in collapsed.  An international crew worked together to bring all out safely. Journalist Tobar had exclusive access to the miners and recounts their story, in addition to the logistical issues that made the rescue so complicated. This book which was a New York Times Notable Book.

Highest Duty: my search for what really matters by Chesley Sullenberger.  When the US Airways flight he was piloting lost both engines after running into a flock of geese in 2009, Captain Sullenberger was able to land the plane in the Hudson River, saving the lives of everyone on board.  The book was dramatized in the movie Sully

Lost Moon: the perilous voyage of Apollo 13 by Jim Lovell.  Midway between the earth and the moon, Apollo 13 was disabled by an oxygen tank explosion.  Scientist on the ground scrambled to figure out a fix and relay it to the astronauts, who performed it despite a shortage of almost everything.  This was done using less computing power than most of us carry in our cell phones.  In addition to the book, this was dramatized in the movie Apollo 13.  Kanopy, the library’s streaming service, has two documentaries about this: Apollo 13: to the edge and back  and Apollo 13: the untold story.