sputnik cover
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Reading Level: Grade 3-6

Ever since his grandfather was taken away, Prez Mellows has cycled in and out of foster homes.  He had just been welcomed by the Blythe family for a summer stay at their farm, when a kilt wearing alien shows up at the front door.  Only Prez can see his real form.  Everyone else sees a dog, although they cannot agree on the size or breed.

Sputnik Mellows, the alien takes Prez's last name, recruits Prez to help with his mission to save Earth from Planetary Clearance.  All they have to do is come up with ten important things that make Earth unique.  This seemingly easy task is complicated by Sputnik's penchant for "fixing" things, like the broken toy light sabre which wielded in the hands of a toddler takes down an ancient tree.

Can Prez find his grandfather?  Can Prez survive his partnership with a havoc wreaking alien?  Will the Earth be saved?  Read this laugh aloud book to find out.

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