Book Your Next Great Read!

The Highland Park Public Library proudly introduces the Online Readers’ Advisory form! The Online Readers’ Advisory (or eRA) form is geared towards both creating Personalized Reading Lists and the Library’s goal of being digitally accessible - meaning you can get your next great book recommendation sent directly to your email!

The questions below (only three of which are required) were selected with the aim of receiving enough of a patron’s reading history and tastes to provide a customized book list of at least five prospective titles and/or authors for patron enjoyment!

The staff here at the Highland Park Public Library understands that patrons cannot always come into the Library but do still want to begin a conversation about books, be they books in a similar genre to ones they have read or new genres. The Information and Reader Services staff gives a lot of thought to the prospective titles/authors, and the Readers’ Advisory process itself deserves dedicated attention. You can expect your personalized booklist within 3-5 business days.

Want to get movie or TV viewing recommendations? Check out the Film & Music Department's Online Viewers' Advisory Form