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Circulating Roku DevicesStreaming TV and Media Player

Available for check out, Roku devices provide the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV!

The Highland Park Public Library is now circulating Roku streaming devices. HPPL patrons can stream popular TV shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and view our digital collection of over 150 movies through the Vudu app.

Check out a Roku device with a Highland Park Public Library card, connect it to your television with the included HDMI cable, and start enjoying the world of streaming content!  Available to patrons ages 14 and older.

The loan period for a Roku device is seven (7) days with the chance of one (1) renewal. It can be checked out and returned to our Film & Music desk. No returns in the book drops.


Phone: 847-681-7033 

    • A Roku Stick is a streaming device that requires the following:

      • HDTV with HDMI connection
      • High-speed wireless internet
    • If you prefer written instructions try these:

    • Learn how to connect a Roku from the Highland Park Public Library to your TV.

    • Here's what to do if your remote is not responding or missing key presses:

    • Netflix
      Watch TV and movies, including award-winning Netflix original series, movies, and documentaries. Netflix also has just for kids entertainment!

      Prime Video
      Amazon's Prime Video
      Amazon Prime Video brings you instant access to award-winning Prime Originals series, movies and more. Browse titles and enjoy movies and shows.

      Vudu Movies & TV
      The Vudu app is where the Highland Park Public Library’s digital films and TV shows are available. See a list of titles here.


      Stream hundreds of blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, and exclusive originals. Content is updated weekly. 

      PBS Kids

      More than 1,000 videos from over a dozen top PBS KID television series.

      Get free and easy access to your favorite PBS shows like Masterpiece, Frontline, and NOVA.

      The Roku Channel

      An always-changing selection of free movies, shows, live news, kids’ TV, and more.

    • Yes! Here is a quick set-up guide:

      Setting up 
      To get started, follow the steps below to start watching Kanopy on your Roku! To access the FAQs, click here

      1. Create a Kanopy account
        In order to watch Kanopy on your Roku device, you will need a Kanopy account that is connected to the Highland Park Public Library. If you don't already have one, learn how to create your Kanopy account here.
      2. Link your Kanopy channel on Roku to your Kanopy profile
        When you first open the Kanopy channel, you will be able to browse content, but not play the films. In order to play, you will need to link your Kanopy account. To do this:

      After your Kanopy profile is linked, select any film and press play.
      This will trigger the linking process and display further instructions on screen (outlined in the following steps).

      1. Go to using a computer or mobile device. If you are not signed into your account, you will be prompted to do so before you can enter the code.
      2. Enter the code displayed on the left side of your TV screen.
      3. Click Submit.

      If the linking is successful, the message will change on your Roku to let you know that you can press the OK button to start viewing films.

      Once this is complete, you will be able to start viewing films on your Roku. If you need to generate a new code, click the back arrow button on the Roku remote and select the film again.

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      What Roku devices can I use to access Kanopy?
      Kanopy will appear and play on any Roku device that is currently supported by Roku and receiving software updates. If you are unsure if your device is receiving updates, you can check on your Roku by going to Settings -> System -> About. If the Software version listed on this screen is 7.7.0 or higher, Kanopy will play on your device.

      Where do I enter the linking code?
      To enter your linking code, go to, or select “Link Your Device” from the Kanopy iOS or Android app. If you are not signed into your account, you will be prompted to log in before you will be able to enter the code. In addition, your account will need to be linked to a subscribing library in order for you to successfully link your device.

      Where can I find the channel settings?
      While on the Kanopy Roku channel home screen, press the left arrow button to access the side menu. Navigate down to Settings at the bottom of the list.

      How do I log out of my account?
      Go to the channel settings and select the tab labeled “Log out”. Select “Yes, log me out” and press OK to confirm. If you would like to relink your account, or a different account, select “Link Device” and follow the onscreen instructions.

      How do I know if a film is closed captioned?
      Select a film to display its details. The CC icon will be displayed beneath the title if the title is closed-captioned.

      How do I access closed captions/subtitles?
      Press the * button on your Roku remote while the film is playing. A screen will appear with "Captions mode" highlighted. While this is highlighted, press the OK button on the remote until "On always" appears. Click down and select "Close" to save and exit the caption options.

      If you are having trouble viewing closed captions when viewing from your Roku, please ensure that you have the latest software version installed.

      How do I add films to my Watchlist?
      Select a film to open up its details. Press the down arrow so that “+ Add to Watchlist” is selected then press OK to add the film to your Watchlist. Press OK again if you would like to remove the film.

      Where do I access my Watchlist?
      Your Watchlist can be accessed in 2 ways - on the top shelf of the channel’s home screen and as an item in the left menu. To display only the films in your Watchlist, select it from the left menu.

      How do I know how many play credits I have remaining?
      The number of play credits you have remaining for the month will appear at the top right of your TV screen. To learn more about how these play credits work, go here.

      How do I find films I’ve already viewed?
      A Continue Watching section is coming soon - stay tuned! In the meantime, you can find your previously viewed films from the desktop version of the site or via the iOS app.

      The screen is being cut off and I cannot see the sidebar. How do I fix this?
      Go to your TV settings and adjust the aspect ratio/picture size. Some TVs will display an option to fit to screen - select this option if it is displayed. Otherwise, you can select the listed aspect ratio of your TV. 

    • How do I sync up my hoopla account with my Roku device?

      1. Open the Hoopla channel. 
      2. At the top of the welcome screen, a 4-digit code is displayed. If you need an account click here to get started. Once you are signed up, visit, sign in and enter the 4-digit code.


      Access the Settings page of your hoopla app and the section labeled “Link TV Device.” 

      3. Enter the 4-digit code from your TV screen and in a few seconds, you are up and running on the hoopla Roku channel. You can enjoy playing currently borrowed movies and television episodes.

    • How do I turn on closed captions on the Roku device?

      1. Start your video. 
      2. Using your remote, hit the option button (*). 
      3. Use your up or down arrow until you highlight the closed captioning option. 
      4. Use your left or right arrow until you highlight the always-on option. 
      5. Hit the OK button and your subtitles will display on the screen.
    • Purpose: Roku streaming players are available to Highland Park resident library cardholders (ages 14 and older) so that they may stream popular TV shows and movies.

      Loan Period/Availability
      The loan period is 7 days with 1 renewal. Roku players must be returned directly to a staff person at the Film & Music desk. They must not be returned in the book drop or to another library.

      Wi-Fi connection and a TV with an HDMI port are required to use a Roku streaming device. Each Roku is preloaded with selected accounts and content, in accordance with Library collection policies. Borrowers may not download or delete any titles, accounts, or content from the Roku player. The library is not responsible for damage to the borrower’s personal devices or equipment.

      Fees and Liability
      The borrower is responsible for returning all Roku parts in good condition. Failure to return an item will result in the following costs charged to the account:

      Roku Streaming Stick + - $60
      Power adapter & extender cable - $14
      Remote - $15
      USB Power Cable with Advanced Wireless Receiver - $20
      Case - $6

      If patrons experience problems with the Roku devices or have questions, they should ask for assistance at the Film & Music desk in person or by calling 847-681-7033